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Your eyes play an important role in how you see the world. When problems occur and you notice changes in your vision, it is important to seek immediate treatment and take appropriate steps to maintain your eye health and vision. We see your future and so should you. Let us help you make it clearer.

Save money – we help protect you from non-compliance issues.
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Eye Care

When a patient comes to the Benedictine Eye Hospital, they can expect our qualified staff to use cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat their optical…
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Seeking medical attention can be intimidating and confusing. The counselors at BEH help create an experience that protects and informs the patient every step of…
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General Medical Clinic

BEH isn’t only committed to your eye health. With our state-of-the-art laboratory, we can provide patients with a wide variety of testing that allows for…
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Community Based Rehabilitation

The aim is to rehabilitate those persons with body impairments in their community and/or home.
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We are dedicated to providing you with the best service you deserve

Beginning as a one room eye clinic with only one optician, the Benedictine Eye Hospital has grown into a full-fledged hospital with 30+ qualified employees. BEH has the capability to execute over 3,500 eye surgeries a year, while also treating countless more patients with issues ranging from simple dry eyes to bilateral cataracts.

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"When other doctors couldn't help Mary, the CBR team welcomed her and her condition with open arms. They gave her and me the care, financial support, and instruction that we needed. Five years later and Mary is going to school and making friends like any other child. We are so happy and thankful for the CBR's support."

- Tidola/grandmother of Awino Mary

CBR Patient
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"Before CBR, it was just me supporting Peter. His cerebral palsy and epilepsy was worse than it had ever been and I found no hope for the future. With the help of the CBR team's medical and financial support, we've been able to manage and treat Peter's disabilities. It is through this support that I have become hopeful for what is to come."

- Mary Ochieng Nyatiama/Grandmother to Peter

CBR Patient