How To Detect Glaucoma Early



Benedictine Eye Hospital treats people around Eastern Africa who suffer from eye disease, including many patients from neighboring countries outside of Uganda. Glaucoma is a serious and irreversibly blinding eye condition of public health importance in Africa that comes with no early symptoms. The gradual vision deterioration that occurs is worse in one eye, making it difficult for those affected to be aware of the vision loss until the advanced stages of the disease.

Below lists some of the most common signs of glaucoma. If you may be developing some of these symptoms, please visit us immediately.

1. Halos around lights. These are bright circles surrounding lights.

2. Loss of vision in an eye. It is important to treat this as an emergency and should require a diagnosis immediately.

3. Cloudy eyes. Any visual changes to the appearance of the eye should require an immediate check-up

4. Sensitivity to light. Although light sensitivity isn’t painfully harmful, it is still an early sign of glaucoma.

5. Immediate and sudden eye pain. The longer a patient waits to receive care, the more severe the disease can get. Seek immediate treatment if the eyes begin paining.


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